About U.S. Tray

Thank you for your interest in Atkore US Tray (formally known as United Structural Products). We’re proud of our heritage and high-quality products. Take a look at what we have to offer including industrial solutions and deep experience.

A Full-Service Solution to Made-to-Order Cable Trays

Our outstanding product line is supported by our exceptional customer service. With more than a century of combined experience, we’re here to provide expert insight and a complete solution to ensure your satisfaction. Trust our team through the following phases:

  • Product design
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Installation


Our technically advanced cable trays are complemented by our tray covers and wire management accessories, as well as our unparalleled logistics management, with an emphasis on customer service. All of our made-to-order cable trays take your application demands and design requests into consideration. They are also built per NEMA standards and certified by UL.  

As a veteran cable tray manufacturer in the USA, we have earned a solid reputation throughout the nation and the world, and have a proven track record of success.  We bring our expertise to the table to provide your company and engineers with creative insight, attention to detail, and informed responses to client questions and concerns. Our company’s focus is on product quality, service, and reliability.


Other Cable Management Products

In addition to our legacy of providing unmatched aluminum welded I-beam cable trays, we now offer a full portfolio of hot dipped, mill-galvanized and stainless steel options, as well as outstanding fiberglass solutions. We’re also proud of our full line of wire basket trays and accessories.

Cable Tray Manufacturers in the USA


Atkore US Tray is an American manufacturer of made-to-order cable trays.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with production facilities in Houston, Texas and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our work has an emphasis on providing custom solutions, seamlessly. Our network of warehouses enables us to react to your needs with accurately-quoted, minimal lead times.


Nationwide Warehouses


We have the logistics and warehousing infrastructure necessary to seamlessly serve you, no matter where you’re located.

As a cable tray manufacturer based in the USA, our warehouses are located across the country, to enable convenience. Knowing we have space nearby empowers our customers to order only what they need at the time. There’s no need to predict the unknown or tie up cash in advance with our warehousing facilities so close by. We’ll get products over to you when you need them, without extensive wait times.


Why U.S. Tray?


Together we build exceptional, structurally advanced cable trays favored by engineers and construction teams across the globe. Our name is also a reminder that our products are American-made; we’re proud to be a cable tray manufacturer in the USA.

We have cable trays in stock, and manufacture made-to-order cable trays right here in the United States. Trust our team for ladder trays, channel trays, wire baskets and more. We provide solutions in a range of high quality materials, including aluminum, steel and fiberglass. US Tray is a skillful manufacturer, supplier and partner, committed to supporting your business. Our renowned solutions are successful thanks to the work of skilled team members, with vast experience and innovative ideas.


An Atkore Brand

On June 3, 2019, Atkore acquired United Structural Products, LLC, and the US Tray brand, with a goal to strengthen their position as an industry-leading cable tray manufacturer. We’re proud to come together to best serve our customers, and to have been recognized for our exceptional work.

Atkore is forging a future where all Atkore employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society are building better together –  a future focused on serving the customer and powering and protecting the world.  With approximately 4,000 employees and 71 manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide, Atkore is a leading provider of electrical, safety and infrastructure solutions.


Start Your Custom Order

We’re your trusted, go-to cable tray manufacturer. If you’re ready to enhance your project with made-to-order cable trays, browse our wide range of cable trays in stock online, or Contact for service tailored to you.