Steel Ladder Cable Trays

Ladder cable trays can immediately be identified by their design, featuring rungs between two parallel side rails. The ladder cable tray is an affordable, exceptional cable management solution. US Tray manufactures steel and aluminum ladder cable trays to best meet a wide range of project needs.

Here are just a few reasons why ladder trays appeal to many of our customers:

  • Ladder trays are the ultimate choice for applications where ventilation is a priority.
  • Ladder trays are easy to install, extend and maintain. They also simplify the process of installing cables with the ideal routing path.
  • Authorized personnel can easily access cables as required, but cables remain protected from tampering.

Below, we provide additional information on steel ladder trays, but our ladder cable tray solutions are also available in additional materials, including aluminum and fiberglass.

Why Choose Steel Ladder Trays?

Steel ladder trays benefit from exceptional strength and durability. They’re often used to hold larger quantities of cables, in industrial, commercial, power and construction settings, including oil and gas plants. Steel ladder trays can also be used as equipment grounding conductors.

Stainless Steel Cable Trays

Stainless steel has many properties that make it a great material for fabricating ladder cable trays. 304L/316L stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and heat. It is also very durable.

For many customers, pre-galvanized steel is the first-choice material for ladder trays. Others choose hot-dip galvanization after their trays are built. Steel ladder trays are available in all finishes, to best meet the needs of your application.

Our Exclusive Swaging Process

The rungs on our steel ladder trays are swaged, rather than welded into place. This process means your steel ladder trays benefit from even greater rigidity. Thanks to the flange-out design on these trays, electricians can access the cables and see any issues more easily than they would with an I-beam welded solution. Electrical and mechanical connections both benefit from our swaging process. The temper strength of surrounding metal is not reduced by swaging, it remains as strong as a welded solution.

Meeting Industry Standards

With appropriate gauge selection, steel ladder cable trays are able to meet ASTM A1011 or ASTM A1008 standards. Our full range of steel ladder cable trays meets (NEMA) VE-1 standards for metal cable tray systems, and all trays are UL-listed.

Customize Your Steel Ladder Tray Solution

With US Tray steel ladder cable tray solutions, you have the benefit of flexibility in design. Complex configurations are no trouble, with a vast range of fittings to choose from. Each of the following are available in multiple sizes:

  • Adjustable elbows
  • Horizontal elbows
  • Cross pieces
  • Tees
  • Branches
  • Reducers

Looking for guidance on the fittings that will best support your project needs? We can help.

Buy American with US Tray

An Atkore brand, US Tray products are proudly made in America. Browse our collection of high-quality steel ladder trays, take a look at our aluminum ladder tray solutions, or contact us to discuss your project with a cable tray expert.