Aluminum & Steel Channel Cable Trays

Channel cable trays are the ultimate solution to support wiring systems of smaller diameters. Available in widths of 3, 4, and 6 inches, channel cable trays are a discrete, aesthetically pleasing solution to keeping cables out of reach and protected.

Clock cabling and wiring for telecommunications, technology, and computer systems are some of the most common uses for channel cable trays. This kind of solution is particularly convenient, as channel cable trays enable the cable to drop to equipment as required. These ideal instrumentation raceways are also often found in manufacturing plants.

Wireways such as these are often seen as a preferable option to conduits. Channel cable trays are economical and effective; a practical solution to securely attached power cables.

Why Choose Channel Cable Trays?

There are many reasons to choose channel cable trays and create the ideal routing path for your wiring project. Here, we highlight just a few:

Solid and Ventilated Solutions

Channel cable trays are available with both ventilated and solid bottoms, to meet a wide range of needs. Narrow cables are especially well-supported by this solution, and may also be able to drop via the ventilation holes.

Engineered for Convenience

US Tray Channel Cable Trays are thoughtfully designed and engineered with convenience in mind. Drilling holes can take up valuable time and requires precision and skill. Engineered with pre-punched holes, these wireways ensure cables are secured efficiently, with limited manual labor required.

Exceptional Protection

Fully enclosed channel cable trays can protect against the following threats, contaminants, and more:

  • Abrasion
  • Heat
  • Debris
  • Moisture
  • Chemicals
  • Insects and rodents

Channel cable trays also offer fire resistance, making them exceptional solutions for fire alarms.  Our channel cable trays also meet NEMA VE-1 standards.

Channel Cable Tray Materials

We provide channel cable trays in many materials including aluminum, mill galvanized steel and hot dipped steel.

Aluminum channel cable trays are often favored for their light weight, while steel channel cable trays are known for durability and strength. Steel can be hot dip galvanized after fabrication, to further enhance corrosion resistance.

For excellent protection against corrosion in caustic environments, you may wish to consider investing in fiberglass channel cable trays.

Complete Your Channel Cable Tray Solution

Complete or complement your channel cable tray solution with aluminum and mill galvanized steel covers, connectors, and accessories. We can ensure your wireway or instrumentation raceway is designed for success.

Your Cable Tray Suppliers and Manufacturers

US Tray is part of the Atkore brand, a cable tray supplier and manufacturer of well-known products, trusted by the electrical industry. We are proud to support your project with high-quality, exceptionally engineered cable trays, instrumentation raceways, wireways and accessories.

Our team understands that no two projects are the same. We have served customers in countless industries, working on advanced projects of all kinds, and can guide you towards the cable tray solution best suited to your power system application.

Browse our product selection online, or contact us today to discuss your project goals.