Solid & Ventilated Trof Cable Trays

Our versatile Trof Cable Tray systems are ideal for use in a vast range of settings, with the ability to securely hold and protect cables of many sizes. To best meet the needs of your application, Trof Cable Trays are available in solid bottom and ventilated designs.

If you found us by searching for “trough cable trays,” you’ve come to the right place. Trof (pronounced “trough”), is a well-known brand of cable tray brought to you by Atkore. It is our exclusive brand of trough cable tray. Trough tray designs are prominent in the electrical industry and found in countless environments. Read on to learn more about how Trof Cable Trays can support your electrical infrastructure. 

What is a Trough Cable Tray?

Cable trays provide continuous support to electrical cables, keeping them in place, preventing abrasion, and ensuring they are protected from harm. Our Trof trays support your cables with inch-wide ribs, placed at two-inch intervals.

Trof cable trays are available with solid and ventilated bottoms. These metal systems feature corrugated bottom trays for rigidity, and the side rails are welded into place, to hold firm. The Trof design ensures the bottom of the tray continuously supports the rails, to prevent the load from becoming displaced.

Where are Trof Cable Trays Used?

You’ll find Trof Cable Trays protecting power systems in:

  • Automotive and transportation settings.
  • Data and communications facilities.
  • Industrial settings.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Facilities powering infrastructure.

Why Choose Trof Cable Trays?

There are many ways Trof Cable Trays can support your electrical wiring. Our high-quality Trof solutions enable you to:

  • Maintain an ideal routing path.
  • Choose from solid bottom or ventilated trough trays.
  • Prevent cables from sagging, and ensure they are kept tidy.
  • Keep cables secure, promote safety and prevent damage.
  • Ensure cables run level, and even.
  • Avoid having your cables tampered with.
  • Meet NEMA standard VE-1.

With appropriate material and gauge selection, ASTM A1011 or ASTM A1008 standards can be met with Trof cable trays.

Solid Trof Cable Trays

Our solid Trof Cable Trays are ideal for cable systems that do not require additional ventilation but instead need advanced protection from mechanical damage. In our secure, solid Trof Cable Trays, your power cables are guarded against abrasion.

Choose Trof cable trays in aluminum, steel, or other select materials for continued protection in harsh conditions.

Ventilated Trof Cable Trays

Our ventilated cable tray designs come with additional benefits. Through careful engineering, our products can dissipate heat and allow air to flow freely. Openings make up 68% of our ventilated cable tray designs, to keep your cables cool.

Customize Your Cable Tray System

Our Trof collection includes the following, to enable you to create the optimum cable tray configuration:

  • Horizontal elbows
  • Vertical elbows
  • Adjustable elbows
  • Tees
  • Reducers
  • Cross pieces

Choose from a wide range of sizes and materials.

Contact Us for Custom Guidance

Browse the vast array of Trof Cable Tray fittings online, or contact our friendly customer service team for guidance tailored to your application.