Wire Basket Cable Trays

If you’re looking for high quality wire mesh basket trays, you’re in the right place. Designed as an affordable solution to keeping cables in order and protected, our wire basket cable trays are trusted across the communications and electronics industries.

Wire basket cable trays, fabricated by US Tray, are crafted from strong and durable steel wire, welded to create a 2 x 4” grid. Wire mesh is a durable yet lightweight solution for cable support.

Why Choose Wire Mesh Basket Trays?

Wire basket cable trays are engineered for purpose, with certain applications in mind. If your project would benefit from the following, wire mesh basket trays are for you:

  • Keep cables cool: Wire mesh fabrications allow air to flow freely, and dissipate heat. They also help prevent the buildup of debris and dust that can gather along cable lines with time.
  • Designed for datacenters: Also known as datacenter trays, this setting is where wire basket cable trays are commonly seen. If you’re in need of a solution for communication cables, signal cables, fiber optics, Ethernet Category, low-voltage cables or in a telecom setting, wire basket cable trays are a long-lasting, high quality choice for your application.
  • Additional applications: Datacenters are not the only settings that can benefit from high quality basket trays. Wire mesh solutions are used in offices, hospitals, hospitality, industrial manufacturing, educational, pharmaceutical and food processing verticals to name a few.
  • Installation labor-saving easy splicing: Connect basket trays with ease. Our self-splicing solution means reduced manual labor, and the ability to customize and expand seamlessly.

Mesh Cable Tray Sizing and Finishes   

Our standard wire basket trays are 10’ long. Choose 2”, 4” or 6” deep wire mesh trays to best meet your needs. All depths are offered in up to 24” widths. Special widths above 24” are available on request.

For the majority of indoor applications, our standard electro-plated zinc galvanized finish will work for your project. If you intend to use wire basket cable trays outdoors, we can increase corrosion resistance with a variety of other finishes to best meet your needs. If hygiene is important, 304 and 316 stainless steel basket trays may be your preferred solution. In certain exposed applications where aesthetics matter, or those where zinc coatings are less desirable, a powder coated solution in your choice of color is available.

Have a specific hot dip galvanized basket tray or powder coat basket tray customization in mind? Get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray Accessories

US Tray offers accessories to customize and improve your wire mesh cable tray solution. Designed for your convenience, the majority of our accessories are built with Quick-Latch technology and need no tools to fit and fasten perfectly in place. From splicing bars to quick attachment struts and fittings, we can provide a complete solution for your project.

Your Wire Basket Cable Tray Manufacturers

US Tray is part of Atkore, a trusted name across power industries, providing innovative solutions to customers worldwide. We are your point of contact for affordable, high quality, easy-to-modify wire basket cable trays, made in America.

At Atkore, we believe in building better, together. Contact to learn more about wire basket cable trays, browse our product offerings online, and buy American with our team.