US Tray FAQs

Q. What products does US Tray offer?

A. Standard Ladder, Vented/Trof Ladder, Solid Bottom Ladder, Cable Channel, Wire Basket

Q. Where are US Tray products manufactured?

A. Orders will be produced in either Atlanta or Houston depending on ship to location.

Q. What materials and finishes are available?

A. Ladder and Cable Channel are offered in 6063 Aluminum. Hardware is available in Geomet coated 316 Stainless Steel. Wire Basket is offered in Electro Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized, Stainless Steel and Powder Coat.

Q. What's the lead time for each product?

A. Cable Tray is made to order and lead time is set based on availability of raw materials. Contact your local agent for additional details

Q. Where do I submit my order?

A. Submit all orders to your local agent. You can locate your local agent by using our agent rep locator.

Q. What information is needed to provide a quote for my requested items?

A. We provide you with a US Tray Quotation Checklist in the resources section of our website.

Q. Who do I contact to track my order?

A. You can contact your local agent or US Tray Customer Service at 404-696-8585.

Q. Are splice plates/hardware included at no cost?

A. Standard splice plates/hardware are included with metallic tray/channel but not fiberglass tray/channel.

Q. Who do I contact in the event tray is damaged?

A. Contact your local agent or US Tray Customer Service at 404-696-8585.